The Rise Of Online Training: How Remote, Online Training Is Becoming The Trend

December 14, 2017


With the internet and all that it is evolving into, training and workouts are sure to take a spin and head out on a new, trend-following migration. Online Training will be taking grand leaps moving forward, with experts expecting it to even be one of the major trends in training for 2018.

Online Training can mean anything from streaming training videos to using mobile apps or even hiring an online personal trainer. These means have been on the rise, particularly with modern lifestyles involving more work and less time for leisure or other activities, such as sports. Because people’s time is precious and they are particularly protective of it, we will see a rise in online exercising.

Studies have shown that 70% of gym goers also follow an online workout program. This is great for the Online Training industry as these trends evolve and grow into major lifestyles.

Online Training has the grounds to prosper. Today, around 75% of training app users claim they were more active on a day to day basis. That’s just a quick look into the world of Online Training and its new horizons.