7 Simple Steps For The Perfect High Bar Squat

November 15, 2017


In every gym across the world, people have consistently asked the following question: How do I squat? Follow the 7 simple steps below to achieve the perfect and safest Barbell Squat.

• Place the bar on the upper back by squeezing the Scapulae (shoulder blades) together, creating a shelf for the bar. Keep the back tight (squeezed together) throughout the movement.

• Foot placement: make sure that the three main pressure points of your foot are equally engaged, this is called the Tripod.

• Squeeze your Glutes (butt) prior to descent. By doing so you create external torque at the hips (which will automatically align your knees and toes).

• Breathe in: Hold your core tight by taking a big breath (called Valsava maneuver). This will increase rigidity in the torso making it much easier (and safer) to support heavy loads.

• Chest forward and hips back (hip hinge): prior to the start of descent, make sure that you place a bit of load on the hips by pushing them back. This will ensure posterior chain engagement i.e. your Glutes and Hamstrings.

• While in descent, the bar should go in a vertical path and you should remain in balance by keeping the bar over the middle of your ENTIRE foot (including your heel, not the middle part of the foot that you can see). Having said this, it is PERFECTLY okay and normal for the knees to cross the toes, this shows good ankle mobility and is often needed to maintain a good center of gravity.

• While keeping the torso and the upper back as tight as possible, drive the hips up (vertically) and return the shins to normal vertical position.